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Early Check-Outs
CANNOT be done by phone call or email

Reminder: In accordance with the other schools in Coweta, we do not accept phone calls or emails for check-outs.

There will be a plan in place for emergencies, but this is a county wide policy. If a student is leaving school early without a parent coming into the school to check them out, the student must bring a written note to the Attendance office in the morning.

This note should include:
- the students first and last name,
- the time the student is leaving campus,
- the reason why (ie. Dr. appointment, trip, etc),
- a valid phone number for parent/guardian.

Students must drop off bus notes in the morning as well.
Excuse Notes
Must be turned in within 3 days after student returns

Students are allowed to turn in 12 sick notes from parent/guardian a year – notes must be turned in within 3 DAYS after the student returns back to school – IF a student is out 5 consecutive days, they MUST have a doctor’s note when returning to school. If a student reaches the 12 home sick note maximum, only doctor’s notes will be accepted to make the absence excused.

Doctor’s notes may be turned in anytime and there is not a limit to how many can be turned in. If there is a suspicion that the doctor’s note is a forgery, we are allowed to call and verify the dates covered on the note.

A student must be fever free for at least 24 hours, without fever reducing medication, to return to school.

A Truancy letter will be sent after the accumulation of 5 unexcused absences.