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Beliefs and Mission
Northgate is committed to student success.

We strive to ensure the success of each student.


· We believe, as a learning community, we must continuously improve.
· We believe, as leaders of learners, that students are volunteers in their learning.
· We believe the Coweta County School System, in partnership with the family and the community, must focus on providing challenging, interesting and satisfying work for students.
· We believe that the responsibility of ensuring student success is a collaboration among Northgate’s students, parents, faculty, and staff.


We will provide high level, engaging work for all learners and leaders to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

School Colors: Cardinal Red and White

School Mascot: Vikings

1 – We the students, faculty, staff, parents, and community share ownership of Northgate and are individually and collectively responsible for its success.

2 – Through leadership, collaboration, and positive interactions, we empower EACH individual involved to ensure student success.

3 – We create pride in the school environment by demonstrating proper etiquette, vocabulary, and appearance.

4 – We serve as ambassadors to the school community.

5 – We value safety for all, and we honor respect for people and property.

6 – Students are our business; we strive to convey this message to our students and our school community through open and honest communication.

7 – We improve our school’s environment through positive communication.

8 – We maintain a commitment to academic excellence and continue to pursue higher levels of achievement.

9 – We promote growth through positive leadership, attitudes, and willingness to ensure each individual’s success.

10 – We create a positive environment by enforcing rules and discipline so that those rules will be transferred to students’ lives.

11 – We believe that reading and writing are integral components of life-long learning that should be modeled and practiced daily.

12 – We embrace technology to enhance rigorous and relevant instruction.

13 – We provide maximum learning opportunities by fostering positive links between school and home.

14 – We foster a sense of self-worth in all students.