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College & Career Planning

2017 College & Career Night Presentation


Here’s how Up Next works. Students text on their cell phone to sign up for Up Next, and then it will ask them simple questions that help tailor the text messages for them and their journey to and through college


Up Next will then guide them over time through all the steps for enrolling in and completing college, sending reminders, information, and encouragement. The automated texts cover topics like taking college entrance exams, applying to a broad range of colleges and universities as well as for financial aid, transitioning to college and navigating new cultural environments, and making informed decisions about initial borrowing and repayment options for student loans. Some students will even receive free, one-on-one college advising from real-life college advisors via text message. Life just got a whole lot easier.


Just text the word COLLEGE to 44044




Georgia’s Department of Education Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) is preparing Georgia's students for their next step after high school--college, the military, or beginning a career. CTAE offers students more than 130 career pathways within 17 Career Clusters.

Georgia’s Career Pipeline allows students and business/industry leaders to compare the CTAE programs offered in each Georgia high school with the workforce needs of specific regions within the state. This will provide students with helpful information on areas of growth within their region (or a region where they’d like to live after high school), allowing them to match the career education they pursue with available opportunities. Click hereto access the Career Pipeline.