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Industrial Mechanic Apprenticeship Program
The Industrial Mechanic Apprenticeship Program gives students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, a German apprenticeship certificate and an associate's degree in Industrial Mechanics through West Georgia Technical College. There is no cost to the student and the student will earn $8/hour in the 10th grade, $10/hour in the 11th grade, and $12/hour in the 12th grade.

This program is ideal for the student who enjoys working with his/her hands. The schedule for each semester for the first year apprenticeship student will include 3 college classes at WGTC, 1 academic high school class, and 1 Work Base Learning class. Attending WGTC classes and working for pay is necessary during the summer to complete the requirements of the associate's degree.
9th and 10th grade students who are interested in the Apprenticeship program should see your counselor.

Here is a link to information available on the Coweta Chamber of Comerce's website.