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Northgate High School STEM Program Information

What is STEM?

  • STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education encompasses an in-depth approach to academics where these concepts are applied to real-world lessons for students to construct connections to the world around them, and their future careers.

What does STEM look like at Northgate?

  • The STEM Program at Northgate High School offers rigorous courses where interdisciplinary connections are made throughout a student’s high school experience. Students who choose to participate in STEM courses may receive STEM Recognition at Graduation as well. Students have the opportunity to select from a variety of STEM interest such as courses in the Engineering Pathway and Health Science Pathway

How to be successful in NG STEM Program?

  • Organization, time management, and work ethic are important for students to develop throughout careers in high school. For participants of the STEM program, these characteristics will greatly assist in success. Approximate coursework/time spent on school assignments varies. 

STEM Activity Examples:



- Exploravision - they work in teams of 3-4 on a project during Chemistry, Math & ELA that is entered into the Toshiba National Exploravision competition.

- STEM Exploravision Presentation Night.

- Numerous collaborative projects between Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Language arts
*For example, airbag development using stoichiometry in Chemistry and testing design in Physics by using the airbag to protect an egg in a trebuchet built by the students. Advertisements for designs are created in Language Arts class.

- Guided Inquiry STEM Labs

- Opportunities to participate in Science Olympiad or Academic Bowl

- Science Fair

Northgate STEM Teachers:

Regina Vance, Carolyn McDevitt, Ellen Ratliff, Jody Haynes, Orla Thomas, Catherine Pugh

Looking forward to STEM!
If you have any questions regarding STEM Courses at Northgate, please feel free to contact a counselor or an administrator. We look forward to the successes and impact our students will have both while at Northgate and beyond.

Information regarding plan of study see below:
STEM Presentation