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Registration Timeline Current 9th-11th

CURRENT VIKINGS- **Viking Time **

  • January 29th - Course Videos
  • January 30th - Step by Step Registration Video
  • January 31st - 3PM - Registration Check in Class

**Registration Night **

  • January 29th - 6:30 PM - Upcoming 10th - 12th (All Counselors)
    • Breakouts - DE, AP, Pathways

**Registration Individual Meetings**

  • February 1st - February 14th - Meet with Students
  • February 15th-16th - Clean-Up Dates
  • Signed Papers Due by February 16th
Registration Timeline: Upcoming Freshman

NGHS Parent Registration Nights in Valhalla

  • February 27th - 6:30 PM - Blake Bass students
  • February 29th- 6:30 PM- Arnall and Madras students ****8th grade Charter Academy, Maggie Brown, and Odyssey will attend on their base school evening

    Middle School RegistrationFebruary 26th - March 1st -

  • Middle School Counselors assist students with elective choices and/or level changes (NGHS Counselors arrange to visit for assistance)